I’m making maps with Stamen Maps.

There is so much space and sensory experience between what a map shows you and what the land shows you. Walking the studied land is disorienting. One feels that location and place should feel obvious.

I have pored over this territory.

I could guess how many steps are to the creek east of me and be correct.

Still, it feels strange.

Something vertiginous about the bird’s eye view.

Here are two maps. Both depict the city of Arcata, in Humboldt County, CA, to the left/west. As your eye roves east, you see Rte 299, a main corridor through the Trinity Alps toward Redding. (This is the setting for my novel – the path of escape.)

What is a river and what is a road? What is green, brown?




Barbara Heard at the Lake


Sporty windbreaker, fitted pants, strap sandals, trader joe’s bag and a canvas bag, cane with a strap, large sunglasses


“Protect our fair streets of Oakland

Isn’t she beautiful, isn’t she fair

We must do something

She’s so beautiful

And those who die

Physically and mentally

Will be lifted up by the

Lord of the people

Into the hands of the Asian race

Except there’s always pussy

Isn’t it beautiful

It’s always pussy and

Don’t you think mine is beautiful

And Barbara

They thought hers was beautiful and

She’s in the prison

Locked up in a cell

San Quentin Santa Rita

Pussy isn’t remembered

We must do something for Barbara

Isn’t she beautiful

Pussy forgotten, cock stays around

We must do something

For Barbara

Locked up in San Quentin Santa Rita Napa Sonoma

From the streets of Oakland

Barbara isn’t she beautiful”